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Port Antonio Welcomes Cruise Vessel

Portland is where tourism started, and the parish capital was highlighted in a negative sense for its commercial waste lying on just about every street. But today paints a different picture as the town and its environs are in mint condition.

Port Antonio to get special attention
Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett says increased focus is being placed on Port Antonio, which he said is an untapped market with vast potential.
Don't turn realtors into detectives
The ease of doing business in Jamaica has suffered another blow with the implementation of a devilish system designed to make criminals out of law-abiding individuals who are trying to make an honest living.
The existing sewage and drainage systems in the parish are soon to be overhauled.
Jamaican Punch
Jon Baker—pop-culture impresario, champagne socialist, and late-blooming hospitality mogul—is transforming a little-visited corner of Jamaica into the go-to getaway for the cool crowd. Read More
Jamaica: where the wild things grow
For low-key Jamaican charm – where tree frogs sing for joy – head south-east to Port Antonio, says James Henderson.
Docklines December 2011
DECEMBER, 2011 – Our 49th Edition
Port Antonio, second coming...
Michael Lee-Chin and Jon Baker Form Partnership
NYT - On Jamaica’s Other Coast, a Musical Revival
Port Antonio makes a comeback as a tourist destination, spurred by the music of the Jolly Boys.
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